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Weather in Mallorca: information and advice

While the weather in Mallorca is described as being "always sunny and warm" by our northern European visitors, the fact is that the weather in Mallorca is quite varied depending on the time of the year and one would do well to follow certain pieces of advice to avoid the weather's unwelcome surprises, since after all, it's not summertime all year around.

Weather in Mallorca: 4 different seasons

Below we describe you the weather in Mallorca depending on the time of the year you visit it and some advice about it:

Spring: from 21st of March till 21st of June

As throughout the Mediterranean, it's during Spring that the warm temperatures return to Mallorca: a sunny and pleasant time of year which does vary, however, with spring-rain clouds that can come together quite quickly. Tip: Include an umbrella or rain-coat when packing your luggage so you're ready at all times. The Spring in Mallorca is the season for seeing the almond trees blossom and cycling groups in trainingblog6Imagen de @balearick

Summer: from 22nd of June till 22nd of September

The summer is our sunny season with the highest temperatures in Mallorca: clear skies, virtually no rain and an intense heat that is only mitigated by the sea breeze... Tip: The summer is the best time of year to sun bathe and enjoy the beach but be careful not to get sun-burned and avoid getting dehydrated while doing sport.

Autumn: from 23rd of September till 21st of December

During the autumn in Mallorca one can enjoy pleasantly mild temperatures (which do however drop at night) and mostly sunny weather, although powerful storms may appear. Tip: Autumn in Mallorca is perfect for activities in nature after it regains its natural green colour. Asparagus, mushrooms, snails and other foods are to be found in the forests and at the fairs that are held in its honour.

Winter: from 22nd of December till 20th of May

The climate's cold season Mallorca can't fairly be compared to northern Europe's winter since our temperatures rarely drop below 5 ºC. On clear days, the sun shines with the same strength as in the summer time! Tip: If you get catch a week of bad weather in the winter time, consider a visit to the island's highest mountains in the Serra de Tramuntana, and enjoy some snow in Mallorca. Nobody will believe you! Weather in Mallorca: snow during winter valldemossa

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