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Comment être romantique à Majorque

Comment être romantique à Majorque


Mallorca is a beautiful island where you can enjoy a wonderful vacation. And if you have a partner and want the most romantic place, without a doubt the island is a wonderful destination. Sunsets, wine tastings, a balloon ride... Discover the most romantic ideas for couples.

6 romantic ideas to enjoy with your partner in Mallorca

With these 6 romantic ideas we assure you that your partner will be more in love with you. Let's go one by one!

• A sailboat ride

If you go to Mallorca, you have to go sailing. There are many companies that are dedicated to it. Don't forget the champagne and some special detail.

• A starlight dinner

Is there anything more romantic than a starlight dinner? Surprise your partner with a very special picnic on the beach.

• Sleep in the house of your dreams or in special hotels

If you want to enjoy a very romantic holiday choose a hotel or a special property to stay. Take your time to find the perfect place.

• Enjoy a sunset

The beaches of Mallorca are simply wonderful. Enjoy a wonderful sunset together with your partner in one of them. We recommend: Port de Valldemossa, Port de Sóller or Cala Deià.

• Make a wine tasting

Mallorca have excellent wines and great wineries. Toast with your partner along with a good wine in a beautiful cellar.

• A balloon ride

Flying over the island in a balloon can be a unique experience. Its villages, its coves and its bird's-eye landscapes are simply incredible.

If you want to enjoy Mallorca with your partner, be sure to surprise her or him with any of these plans.

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