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Guide de décoration pour maisons de style Mallorquin

Guide de décoration pour maisons de style Mallorquin


Mallorca has a special charm. One of the reasons is because of the inimitable specific style that our houses have. From JS we want to help you make your homes shine brightly and without losing the Mallorcan essence. Here are our tips:

  • We recommend you to join the fashion of prints of tongues ​​and decorate your house using elements with this pattern so characteristic of our island. You can find cushions, tableware... One of the reference stores is Teixits Vicens.

  • One of the most appreciated decorative elements and, in many cases, they are passed from generation to generation are the embroidery. A very characteristic and precious piece that make homes “dress” in a more traditional and characteristic way. In the center of Palma, and more specifically in the area of ​​the old town, there are traditional shops that continue to offer traditional embroidered tablecloths at very accessible prices.

  • If you like pottery, Mallorca has a very extensive tradition in this art. And you'll be able to find infinity of decorative elements to use. The pieces are usually pots, kitchen utensils and decorative elements. The municipality of Marratxí is well known for its ceramics. They even make a ceramic fair every year. We recommend you to take a tour around Pòrtol.
  • Hydraulic tiles are a very characteristic art on our island. Nowadays it's becoming very fashionable to decorate the houses with these tiles. We recommend you to go to traditional reform shops such as Guillem Capó Coll in Inca. A specialist in the field.

  • And one of the characteristic elements that can't be missed on the island are the ''senalles'' an element made with dry hay that has accompanied the Mallorcan people all their lives.

    • Finally, Mallorca also has a tradition in wooden elements. We recommend you to go to the towns of the ''Pla'' to find this type of product.

    And with these tips… You already have everything to make your property in Mallorca look amazing!

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