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5 conseils pour acheter une propriété.

5 conseils pour acheter une propriété.


There are many reasons to buy a house in Mallorca and we could spend days listing them: 300 sunny days a year, world-heritage nature reserves, endless dream-like beaches... But in JS Properties we'd prefer to give you some tips towards buying it without regrets:  

1. Location, location, location…

Mallorca has incredible places, but once you get to know the area of Puerto de Pollensa, you'll fall in love with this part of the island.

2. Choosing the right agency  

At JS Properties we aim to find the house of your dreams and we'll personally look for the property that best suits you. Also, thanks to our multilingual team, we can speak in your language so you don't miss anything. 

3. Choosing the right property 

Whether you're looking for a small apartment, a sea front apartment with views of the bay or a holiday home to enjoy with the whole family ... We have a wide range of properties for all budgets! 

4. Lawyer 

Once you've found "the" property, we recommend that you use a lawyer (we can recommend one if you don't have one), he'll explain the purchase process, organize your identity numbers (NIE numbers) and explain the costs involved. After that, he'll prepare a purchase option contract (very important to ensure ownership and price.) At the time of signing the contract, a 10% deposit is offered to legally bind both parties and an end date is agreed. 

5. Bank/Financing 

If you need a mortgage, we can recommend a broker or mortgage bank that will look for the best option for you. We'll also introduce you to a local bank so you can open a bank account in Spain. 

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