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Mallorca in Winter: weather and what to do

Mallorca in Winter: weather and what to do


Friday the 22nd of December is the Winter solstice: the starting shot for the winter in Mallorca and the rest of the world. Although it may seem that the summer time's most desirable island now has little to offer, the fact is Mallorca in winter is a real paradise too
This year 2017 has been unusual in Mallorca: after a dry and warm autumn, it snowed on the 1st of December, whereas normally snow doesn't fall until January-February.

Mallorca in Winter: relax and enjoy the festes!

In the Autumn Mallorca becomes the perfect destination for lovers of sports and fresh air activities. Conversely, Mallorca in winter time is the perfect destination for travellers wishing to relax, disconnect and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. Furthermore, the traditional winter festivities calendar in Mallorca is quite a hearty one: from Christmas to Carnival, with the fiestas of Saint Anthony and Saint Sebastian in between.
During Mallorca's Winter traditional fiestas take place in its different towns, as well as the island's typical celebration of “matançes”.

The winter climate in Mallorca

Wintertime in Mallorca is the coldest season of all with an average temperatures of around 10ºC, while the lows rarely drop below 5ºC and a week of rain each month. A cold but quite pleasant winter, especially when compared with the rest of Europe…
In Winter you can enjoy up to 9 and a half hours of daily sunlight.

What to do in Mallorca in winter: snow in the Serra de Tramuntana and the ametlers

Besides enjoying the peace and quiet that comes over Mallorca in winter, you'll also be able to enjoy two spectacular white sights: the first is the scenery Sierra de Tramuntana covered snow and the second is the blossoming almond meadows...
At the end of January, the flowering almond trees provide one of Mallorca's signature scenes.

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