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Aéroport de Palma: Comment se déplacer?

Aéroport de Palma: Comment se déplacer?

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“How to get around Mallorca?” Many tourists visiting the island for the first time ask themselves this question when planning their trip… And, while in Mallorca it's sometimes best to improvise and see where the wind takes you, in organising your arrival (and departure) from Palma airport one should take a moment and consider the ways to get around which mode of transportation to choose.

PMI: Palma de Mallorca Airport

The airport of Son Sant Joan is the third largest in Spain and the only airport in Mallorca: thereby the main entrance gate to the island for the island's tourists (the other are the ports of Palma and Alcudia).
Palma airport is located in Ca'n Pastilla: a few minutes drive from city center!
The airport of Palma de Mallorca receives regular flights from large airlines who have opted for connections to the island from all across Europe (mostly United Kingdom and Germany) and from Spanish airlines that connect it with the Iberian main-land (mostly Madrid and Barcelona).

How to get from the Palma airport to the rest of the island.

There are different option for getting to Palma de Mallorca airport:


A taxi is the most expensive option, as crossing to the opposite end of the island can cost over 100€, but it is also the easiest and quickest way to reach Palma or towns near the airport.


There is a large number of transfer companies offer direct transportation between the airport of Palma de Mallorca and the rest of the island: an inexpensive option for groups whose holiday home is located far from the airport.

·Car Hire Companies:

Nearly all of the car-rental companies on the island have an office at Palma airport: if you're going to rent a car for roaming the island in, the best thing you can do when booking your rental car is to choose the option of collecting and returning the car at the airport itself.

·Public Transport (TIB):

For holiday-goers looking for the most economical option (and in no hurry) in reaching their destination, the option of Mallorca's public transport is available: there is a bus connecting the airport to the island's Central bus and train Station at Plaza España in the city centre, and 4 lines connecting the island's airport with different towns and tourist destinations.

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