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Puerto de Andratx

Puerto de Andratx

The Puerto de Andratx is located in the southwestern tip of the island, in the dense green of Serra de Tramuntana, specifically in Cala en Fonoll, a narrow cove in which the Club Náutico de Andratx is located. Several luxury developments like our villas for sale Port Andratx have emerged in this working fishing port, creating a mix of traditional beauty with Hollywood charm. So if you want to find a property for sale in Port Andratx and start living surrounded by luxury and good weather 300 days a year, you are in the right place!

Activities of the port of Andratx:

You can't miss the beautiful sea views when being in the Port of Andratx. The best houses and most select restaurants are specifically oriented so you can enjoy constantly the magnificent views of the Balearic sea and its sunset.

Enjoying a pleasant dinner with some fabulous seafood of the harbour on the terrace of one of the many excellent restaurants in Puerto Andratx is one of the best plans to enjoy, but not the only one: sailing through the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, visiting the nearby virgin island Sa Dragonera or touring and hiking the mountains and valleys of the Serra de Tramuntana are some of the greatest attractions of Puerto de Andratx.

Bathing in the two small beaches that are nestled in the port of Andratx is another pleasure that this area offers, but you also have nearby paradisiacal beaches such as Sant Elm, Cala d'Egos or Les Llanetes.

Puerto de Andratx is one of the most stylish and exclusive destinations on the island, blissful days can also be spent relaxing in luxury spas, playing golf in the 5 nearby courses, touring the beautiful town of Andratx (just around 5km away) or visiting Palma to discover the culture and history that the city has to offer.

Luxury retreat, nature park, beach... have we forgot to mention that there's so much more to see and do in this area that you're likely to be drawn away by?
For example, its museums or historical site, like the surreal brain-shaped Liedtke Museum which is located on a nearby cliff edge. There you will be able to unlock your creativity and see a mixture of thought-provoking works spanning art and science.

Stroll in the Port of Andratx:

To walk through the Port of Andratx is to visit a small fishing port that experienced spectacular growth at the end of the 20th century. Local sailors are merged with people from all over the world who moved to live there, attracted by the beauty of Mallorca and the chic and bohemian atmosphere breathed in the main streets of the port of Andratx, imported by several celebrities who chose the Port of Andratx to live. In the port, there are plenty of luxury shops, but we can't forget about the cute small local shops that give this port a special charm.

Find a house in Puerto de Andratx:

It is not surprising that it is one of the preferred destinations for those who want to buy a property for sale in Puerto de Andratx and move to Mallorca or buy a second home in an exclusive port location, where a life of laid-back luxury is framed by breathtaking scenery and accompanied by the warmth and sun of the island.

If you want to be in the place where luxury yachts, glamourous villas, film stars and celebrities are often seen, JS Properties Real Estate is here to help you to find the best villas for sale in Port Andratx!

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