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Formentor is a peninsula located on the northern tip of Mallorca and considered a hidden paradise of the island: the ideal place to buy a house and escape from the stress of everyday life. Find villas for sale in Formentor with JS Properties Real Estate and move to live in the paradise of the north of Mallorca!

How to go to Formentor:

Through windy roads at the far northen part of the island we arrive at this idyllic corner -inhabited by beautiful pines trees molded by the wind on the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea- which is located at the northernmost tip of Mallorca.

Belonging to the beautiful municipality of Pollença, the Formentor Peninsula is famous from end to end. To reach it, you can access through the viewpoint of La Creueta, a stop on the road that allows you to enjoy spectacular views of the peninsula, and at the end we find the Formentor lighthouse, an imposing building that rises over the cliffs to guide the boats and receive visitors who want to see the sun set over the Mediterranean.

Formentor Beach:

But the most famous point of Formentor is its beautiful beach: a narrow stretch of fine sand and crystal clear waters surrounded by pine trees where the mythical Hotel Formentor and the houses of the residents of this paradise peninsula.

Luxury property in Formentor:

The properties of Formentor are the most luxurious of the island, all built facing the sea to make it possible to enjoy the views from any point of the house.

In addition, the quiet tranquility that reigns in this place makes Formentor the ideal place for those who want to have a house in paradise to escape when they want.

Find a Property for sale in Formentor:

Formentor can be reached either by boat or by road that connects you to nearby Puerto Pollensa - a quiet fishing town with a beautiful promenade - Pollensa, whose historical center captures who visits it - and Alcúdia - an old walled city full of history.

Find villas for sale in Formentor and escape to live in the hidden paradise of Mallorca!

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