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Searching for a quiet beach in North Mallorca?

The summer months in Mallorca see hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive, leading to near over-crowding in the busiest areas of the island: some neighbourhoods of Palma, the main tourist attractions and parks, and of course its most famous beaches. Although Pollença is renowned as a quieter area of the island, some holiday-goers sometimes prefer enjoying the sunshine in absolute silence and total tranquillity... We therefore recommend some of the less tourist-frequented beaches in the northern region of Mallorca:

Shhh... Dont tell anyone where these secret beaches are to be found!

Port de Pollença:

At Port de Pollença you can find Llenaire or Ca'n Cullerassa beach, where there used to be less people. But if you want to find an empty beach we recommend you this route:

·"U Caló"

-On the other side of la Fortaleza, this beach is hard to reach, meaning it is much less popular and that great peace and tranquillity are to be enjoyed there. The main problem is leaving your car on the Formentor road as it is very narrow and has almost no spaces for parking, but once you get past that hurdle you only have to follow the wooden signpost that points the way to the beach-trail (in fact a torrente stream's river-bed) and make sure not to lose sight of the "fitas" marking it. After a 30 minute walk you reach a gorgeous inlet with crystal-clear water full of peace and tranquillity.

calo beach in pollença

Photo by unaarjoneraenmallorca.

Cala Sant Vicenç

La Cala Sant Vicenç está compuesta por 4 calas más pequeñas: Cala Barques, Cala Clara, Cala Molins y Cala Carbó. Siendo la segunda y la cuarta las más pequeñas y menos concurridas de todas. Cala Sant Vicenç is made by 4 little coves: Cala Barques, Cala Clara, Cala Molins and Cala Carbó. Are the second and the fourth ones the less frequented.

·Cala Carbó

-It is likely the least visited (although it is one of the favourites for Pollença's young people) of all beaches in Cala Sant Vicenç, since it is the most out of the way and least visible... Cala Carbó is a beach with many little nooks and crannies where all of its visitors end up finding a spot to relax, go snorkelling or enjoy some psycho-block rock climbing.


Alcudia beach is most crowded at all but you can always go to the quiet areas of Es Barcarés or Aucanada.

·S'Illot beach:

-Located in the area of la Victori, the beach of S'Illot is not exactly the quietest place in the region since many of the near-by lodge's tourists and children end up there. Our advice is to first visit the beach of s'Illot and from there venture around the area's coves: cross the picnic area of the restaurant there and you'll see small round-pebble inlets with crystal-clear water.

beach s'illot alcudia mallorca+ Photo by beach inspector.

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