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Saint Valentine's in Mallorca

The 14th of February is quickly approaching and we'd like to help you ensure a success on one of those few days of the year you mustn't forget about: Saint Valentine. If you wish to definitively conquer that special person you just met, or if what you wish to do is enliven the flame of passion with your three-decade-long partner: it doesn't matter. The important thing is to succeed in making such a day as romantic and love-radiant as possible in every way. And if you'd like your plan to really work, what you should do is celebrate Saint Valentine's in Mallorca.

In February the blossoming almond trees lend a romantic air to the Mallorcan country-side.

¿Why Mallorca?

Mallorca is a tourist destination with a plethora of perfect places for celebrating your love, secluded spots to enjoy romantic moments as a couple. Many cities, such as Paris and Venice have been sold as the sole destinations for lovers world-wide. But nothing could be further from the truth.
What's more romantic? Taking a selfie while kissing (alongside 22 other couples and a class trip) with the Eiffel tower in the background; or enjoying a marvellous sunset while you walk on a deserted beach?
It's true that as the high season draws nearer, romanticism in Mallorca becomes somewhat thinner. But it is in the Spring and Autumn months that the island undergoes a transformation and each of its corners becomes filled with magic and little fairy tales. Mallorca is full of delightful and spell-binding places in which to enjoy those romantic moments with your partner: Es Trenc beach, the town of Valldemossa, the lookout of Es Colomer and the Formentor peninsula, as well as an extensive etc. range.

7 plans for enjoying Saint Valentine in Mallorca

Looking for the best landscapes and scenery in Mallorca to enjoy a glass of champagne together is a magnificent plan but if you're looking to go beyond that we'd like to suggest a couple more ideas. You can go for just one of them or bring them together to enjoy an unforgettable Saint Valentine's day.
  1. A side-street tour of Palma:you can enjoy a lovely hand-held stroll through the streets of the island's capital. Firstly, the shops around the centre and then have a drink in the Santa Catalina quarter, or listen to live music in a cosy café or pub, or...
  2. A romantic dinner in a restaurant with a view:find the perfect restaurant, and booking a table far enough in advance. The rest comes in the form of pleasant conversation and knowing looks.
  3. Toasting with a Mallorcan wine:Mallorcan wineries are now in fashion and the majority of them offer a chance to visit them and learn about their methods, besides revelling in the unforgettable experience of its grounds.
  4. Hill-walking trails as a couple:The Serra de Tramuntana offers you the possibility of enjoying its network of paths and getting lost within its spectacular natural landscapes. You can also stay the night in one of its mountain shelters!
  5. Sunset on the beach:Strolling bare-foot along the shore, a prepared pick-nick, a bottle of cold champagne, and the sun setting on the horizon. Ask any Mallorquin, it works.
  6. A little romantic hotel:Mallorca has an immense and highly varied hotel range. From the smallest rural hotels, to the five-star hotels, and through the great family holiday complexes. You have much to choose from.
  7. An unforgettable night:you can rent one of the dream homes that JS Properties has in store for you and enjoy Saint Valentine's night, for a couple of days or a full week, just for the two of you and the enjoyment of your love for each other.
And remember Saint Valentine is a day for celebrating your love, but not the only one. Surprise your partner by remembering your affection with little gestures of romance: a couriered bouquet of flowers to the office, spa sessions for no apparent reason, spontaneous passionate kisses...

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