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Mallorcan wines: enjoy it at vineyards!

Wheat, olives and vineyards were the main farmed crops that the Roman Empire exported to throughout the Mediterranean. It's no wonder therefore, that in Mallorca these traditions are still kept, particularly the latter two. What can indeed come as a surprise is the quality and flavour of the island's wines, as well as its oils. In the past years, there has been a revolution in Mallorca's bodegas: from low quality yield for local consumption, to elaborately planned vineyards for the production of high quality vintages to be exported all around the world. Although it's becoming easier every day to find Mallorcan wines in Europe the best thing to do is always to taste them here on the island: either in a nice restaurant with a view of the Mediterranean or while visiting some of the bodegas and enjoying a tasting with the experts responsible for its correct production.

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Which wineries we should visit in Mallorca:

  • Denominated Origin (DO) Binissalem: Binissalem is the foremost wine-producing municipality in Mallorca, both by fame and by sheer amount. In this village of the “Es Raiguer” region you'll find many bodegas to visit: in fact, if you go there in the last week of September you'll be able to enjoy the town's annual festivities of “Es Vermar”, in honour of the grapevine.
Binigual and José Luís Ferrer are some of the bodegas you should visit, for the quality of its wines and the beauty of its vineyards.
  • Miquel Gelabert: this bodega is located in the other DO region of Mallorca: Pla i Llevant. Its wines are of a particularly distinguished quality and the option of staying some days in their bodega is available to customers.
  • Vinyes Mortitx: Let's change our view. This winery is set in a valley some 1200ft above sea-level, in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. Founded in 2005 the bodega has strived to embed its fields into the gorgeous setting that surrounds it...

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  • Ca'n Vidalet: Not far from Mortitx we find this incredible bodega that is always open to guests wishing to get to know its vineyards, its wine and more.

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