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Mallorca in winter

There are so many reasons to visit Mallorca in winter. Many people believe that Mallorca is an island that is only worth visiting in summer… But they couldn't be more wrong! In winter, Mallorca is an incredibly beautiful and quiet place, full of things to do…

Winter in Mallorca

First off, winter in Mallorca isn't comparable to the cold winters in northern Europe. The people from Mallorca are living proof of this, as we classify the weather as "really cold" when the temperatures drop below 10ºC.

“In winter, the average temperature is about 10ºC, the lows rarely go below 5ºC, there are 9 and a half hours of sunshine per day and one week of rain per month”

Reasons to visit Mallorca in winter:

Here we've listed just some of the reasons to visit Mallorca in winter, in addition to the drop in prices and the number of tourists.

 ·Enjoy authentic traditions:

In winter, the people from Mallorca celebrate a number of traditional festivals whose origins go all the way back to a time before tourism had landed on the island.

 ·See the almond trees in bloom:

The flower beds of this tree, which is so characteristic of the Mallorcan fields, bloom in late winter and early spring, filling the island with a beautiful white colour.

 ·Cycling and a wide variety of sports:

Although he ideal seasons are spring and autumn, the truth is that Mallorca is perfect for practicing sports in winter.

 ·Wine tourism:

With wineries that are increasingly committed to a high quality production, Mallorca is the perfect place for tasting and enjoying wine. There are 13 wineries in the town of Binissalem alone!

 ·Snow in Mallorca:

It hardly ever snows in Mallorca and usually only in the Tramuntana mountains, but when it does, it's a sight worth seeing…

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