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Things you must not forget (to put in your luggage) when visiting Mallorca

In this post we provide you with some advice, while you're still packing your bags before coming to enjoy your summer holidays in Mallorca. We happily explain which things you must not forget about and what your options are, if you do.  

-Towels for the beach

Or you'll end up lying down in the sand, on a little bathroom towel...

If you do forget: either you're happy to use the bath towels from your apartment you are staying in (we don't recommend this), or you buy one that suits you best. There is no other way...  

-Sun cream, sun glasses, a cap or a straw hat

Mallorca is not nearly as enjoyable, with a sun-burned back!

If you forget: you had better buy these as early as possible, or you'll really need to resort to some after sun. Sun cream is best bought in a pharmacy, the sun-glasses at a optician's, and the hat can of course be bought at a souvenir gift shop, kiosk or newsagent's.  

-Mosquito repellent

Sleep tight and don't let the bugs bite!

If you do forget: it's not always necessary to use anti-mosquito products, but if the bugs are around, we advise a quick visit to the closest pharmacy.  

-Beach bag or Beach basket?

Your towel, sun-cream, water bottle and keys need to go somewhere!

If you do forget: You can improvise a beach bag with your hand-luggage but it will end up full of sand. If you want to seize the opportunity of getting a 100% Mallorcan souvenir, you would do well to find a "senalla d'espart” shoulder bag.

For men and for women, there are many diferents kinds of "senalla"... Photo by @jana_irishsummer

-Extra fun at the beach

Something with which to fill the gaps on a long and sunny day...

If you do forget: This could be some beach bats/racquets, a book, a music player... It depends on what your plan is, but if you'd like say, a pair of goggles for snorkelling or diving, be warned that they won't be cheap in a kiosk or shop near the beach.  

-Extra space in your suitcase

-You're going to need it...

If you do forget: We're sure you'll be needing some extra room in your luggage when you're heading back home, for all of the mementos you have come across. So you had better arrive in Mallorca with little baggage...

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