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Holy Week in Mallorca

Holy Week is here already It begins this Sunday, 20, with Palm Sunday and lasts until 27, Resurrection Sunday. During the entire week, processions, the Passion and the Nazarenes flood the streets of Spain, and Mallorca is no exception: processions are held in Palma and many towns along with other events to commemorate the death and resurrection of Christ on the cross. For a week, Mallorca brings together its appealing spring climate with a large number of religious celebrations and displays of traditional culture that attract thousands of tourists, from Spain as well as the north of Europe.  

What to see during Holy Week in Mallorca?

On Palm Sunday, almost all the towns in Mallorca celebrate the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem with mass and the blessing of palm stalks and leaves that the worshippers buy and give to their nearest and dearest. Tradition dictates that they should be kept at home to protect the family. Although there continue to be processions in towns, it is not until Maundy Thursday that the Passion once again floods the streets with processions. The most eye-catching one is in Palma where “El Crist de la Sang” (Christ of the Blood) comes out to do penance on the streets of the city accompanied by all of the brotherhoods that participate in Palma's Holy Week. Christ of the Blood is one of the most solemn processions of Holy Week, and it is certainly the one that is attended by the most worshippers on the island. Holy Week continues with Good Friday; while on Thursday there is a representation of the crucifiction, on Friday there is a re-enactment of Jesus coming down from the cross. One of the most famous processions on this day is the re-enactment of the Descent from the Cross or Devallament” which takes place in Pollensa and Felanitx.  

Other Holy Week traditions

The “pancaritats” is the festival that marks the end of Holy Week. It consists of an afternoon snack for the general public and is held at the sanctuaries and hermitages found throughout Mallorca. Some towns celebrate it on Mondays and others on Tuesday after Easter. Another tradition in Mallorca, in fact throughout the Balearic Islands, is the creation of panades (meat pies) roviols and crespells (sweet pastries) during Holy Week. Although they can be purchased from bakeries throughout the year, lots of families gather at Easter to create them together.

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