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6 Reasons to live in Mallorca

There are many reasons why Mallorca is the ideal place to live and go on holidays. With family, friends, as a couple or alone, there are many plans for you.

1. Geographical variety of the island

There's a great geographical variety on our island, which goes from the mountains and forests of the Serra de Tramuntana and Llevant, surrounded by coves, to the incredible beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters.

2. Cultural attraction of Mallorca

Mallorca is a place of great cultural attraction considering the presence of several medieval castles (among which Bellver Castle can be highlighted), caves, roman ruins, belongings, hermitages, aquifers and historic buildings.

3. Mallorcan gastronomy

Mallorcan gastronomy mixes recipes linked to traditional cuisine, genuinely mediterranean, made with the best local products and, on the other hand, offers avant-garde cuisine.

4. Leisure or sport?

You can do a lot of different leisure and sport activities thanks to many sports facilities, natural spaces that Mallorca has and the amount of commercial areas that are on the island.

5. Mallorcan villages with charm

Visit the villages of Mallorca with more charm and know better the culture and the past of the island, surrounded by idyllic landscapes. The towns you must visit are Valldemossa, Deià and Portocolom among others.

6. Excursions at the Serra de Tramuntana

There's the possibility of going to excursions in any corner of the island, either by foot, car, boat or on rails with the famous Sóller train.

In recent years Palma has been considered one of the best cities to live in the world. And having seen all of this so far and many more aspects is not surprising.

Are you still thinking about buying a property on the island?

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