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5 reasons to buy a house in Majorca

If you are thinking of buying a house in Majorca but you are not convinced at all, the best thing you can do is to ask to thousands of visitors that have chosen the biggest of the Balearic Islands to have there their holidays home. Although will be easier to read these 5 reasons we give you...

Paradisiac beaches and coves

This is the most repeated topic in Majorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands but... It is for some reason! The island has more than 200 beaches and these are available for all kind of purposes: big fine sand beaches, small and hidden stone coves...

The paradisiac beach of Formentor is one of the most popular of Mallorca.[/caption] Some of the most beautiful beaches are 'Sa Calobra' (Escorca), 'Es Caló des Moro' (Santanyí), 'Formentor' (Pollença) and 'Es Trenc' (Campos). And there is much more dreamlike beaches in Mallorca... Find it yourself!

Mediterranean weather

Beaches are useless if you can't enjoy them. it is true that is not summer all along the year, but the rest of the seasons are mild and warm, especially compared with the rest of Europe -that's why majorcan people is shivery-. The weather in the Balearic Islands is distinguished for hot summers and moderate winters, the temperature average is about 18ºC. And it's not very rainy... Majorca has about 300 sunny days per year!

Not near not far

This island is the biggest of the Balearics, but Majorca is still small sized. Everything is nearer than 100km around, which is a perfect argument to enjoy the sea and the mountain, the town style and the city or the tradition and the modernity during the same day... without refueling! Majorca is also perfectly connected with the rest of the islands -Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera- and the mainland of Spain and Europe due to the airport, the 3rd airport in Spain by size.

World Heritage Nature

Beaches are not the unique natural landscape of Majorca that will hypnotize you: the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana have been declared UNESCO World Heritage. An idyllic place for nature lovers compound by forests, torrents and reservoirs.

The towns of the Serra de Tramuntana have a special charm, such as this sunset in Valldemossa. The island has also lagoons full of birds, really interesting for birdwatchers, and vineyards, olive and almond tree fields -wonderful when there are flowered-.

The rich history of Majorca

The island was an important setting for shipping in the Mediterranean Sea and so lots of cultures left their footprint here. In Majorca you can visit Roman walls, Arab baths, medieval buildings and the remains of the Talayotic culture, the population of the island before the Roman invasion in the 123 b.C.   If these 5 reasons have not convinced you to move to Majorca, you can just do two things: read these other 5 reasons or come for a few days to Majorca and let the island convince you.

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