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Mallorca, the island of calm

Mallorca, the island of calm

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Why is Mallorca known as the island of calm?

Everything comes from the visit of Santiago Rusiñol to our island. This historic painter and writer, is known for being a great traveler and expressed his impressions of Mallorca in the book "L'illa de la calma" (1913), translated into English "The island of calm", which begins with this paragraph :

“Reader friend: if you suffer from neurasthenia or plan to suffer, which is already suffering; if you are stunned by the noise that civility implies, […], follow me to an island that I'll tell you, to an island where there's always calm, where men are never in a hurry, where women never get old, where they don't waste not even words, where the sun stays longer and Mrs. moon walks more slowly, infected by laziness. ”

Calm places of Mallorca

And, despite the number of people visiting our island in recent years, you just have to visit some of the most magical corners of our island to discover what Santiago Rusiñol meant by his words.

-Sóller: One of the most beautiful and quiet valleys in Spain, located under the Sierra de Tramuntana. You can enjoy an unforgettable route with the Sóller train, a centennial railway unique in Spain, which takes you to Palma through a route that will make you fall in love.

-Fornalutx: A small mountain village where peace and tranquility reign. Ideal to get lost on an excursion and dive into its streets.

-Es Trenc Beach: One of the most beautiful and paradisiacal beaches in all of Mallorca. With fine sand and crystal clear water, it's a must for all who come to visit the island.

-Valldemossa: On the Sierra de Tramuntana, a place that radiates peace and tranquility. With landscapes and streets that make it a magical place.

-Sa Calobra and Es Torrent de Pareis: Crystal clear water, with spectacular access to the sea. Without doubt one of the most beautiful places on the island.

These are just a few examples of everything Mallorca offers. You have to come and get lost among its villages and beaches so that you just fall in love.

In short

It's true that in recent years Mallorca has been visited by a large number of tourists, but despite this, it still keeps magical and quiet corners for those who like to enjoy calm.

So, if you are looking for a place to relax, with incredible views, sea breeze, lovely villages, paradisiacal beaches and friendly people, Mallorca is the perfect destination for you.

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