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Road Trip in Mallorca: How to get around the island

Road Trip in Mallorca: How to get around the island


More and more people visiting us now wish to see more than just a part of the island: they want to explore it, delve into the country roads and discover charming little havens. In a nutshell, what they want is a road trip in Mallorca. Whether it's summer or winter, a road trip in Mallorca is one of the best plans you can make on the island: Mallorca is a small island and by car its distances rarely exceed an hour or one-and-a-half, in duration. Despite its small size it has a network of smaller roads and a large variety of landscapes. Sea and mountains, city and towns...

A road trip in Mallorca is one the best ways to explore the island and discover its hidden secrets!

How to do a road trip in Mallorca

While Mallorca is so small you could tour it on foot or by bicycle, at JS Properties we recommend you do so by car or motorbike. You might also use the public transport system on the island but the easiest and quickest way is definitely to rent a car.
With a rental car you'll be able to enjoy Mallorca at your own speed and enjoy the view while moving around!
If you're in a holiday rental property provided by JS Properties in Puerto Pollensa you could come by the Formentor Rent a Car office. Or even rent one of their cars at the airport!

What to do during a road trip in Mallorca

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