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Cycling in Mallorca? Pollensa is the ideal place!

Cycling in Mallorca? Pollensa is the ideal place!


Each year thousands of Europeans travel to Mallorca in order to put their passion into action: the sport of cycling. The numbers are increasing year-by-year, among those visiting the island for training reasons, in preparation for competition season, as professionals, or simply to enjoy riding on the island's roads. But, what is it that attracts so many cycling nuts to the practicing their cycling in Mallorca?


Why go cycling in Mallorca?

Mallorca is perfect for European cyclists for 3 reasons:

·A wide range of cycling routes: although the island is relatively small, it features a large number of routes allowing one to easily combine steeper sections with more level stretches.

·Milder temperatures all year around: The Mallorcan climate is among the appealing factors for cyclists from northern Europe, as it is warmer, sunnier and more favourable for training than in their home countries.

·First-rate mountain passes, renowned among cyclists: in the Serra de Tramuntana one finds a series of mountain passes that have become famous among cyclists for their difficulty, technical skill requirement and beauty.  

Pollença: the ideal holiday destination!

Of all the places in which one can practice cycling in Mallorca, the town of Pollença is a definite highlight in the island's northern region.

What makes Pollença so special for cyclists?

-It is at the northern end of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. -It enjoys direct access to the Formentor road.

-It is also connected to the island's flatter central plains termed Es Plà. -#CyclingFriendly business range and the original home of passion for cycling in Mallorca.


Find perfect villas for practicing cycling in Mallorca:

At JS Properties we recommend a series of villas for accommodation during your cycling getaway to Mallorca, all located near cycling routes and all ready to welcome your entire pelotón of friends and road companions:
Villa Can Segura: holiday rental up to 14 people.

villa ideal ciclismo en Mallorca

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Can Verga: rental for 14 people just 3 minutes from Pollença.
Casa perfecta ciclismo en Mallorca

Book this villa now and start cycling in Mallorca.

·Villa Putxet: house with jacuzzi & gym up to 14 people.
villa alquiler ciclismo en mallorca

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