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October in Mallorca: wheather and what to do

October in Mallorca: wheather and what to do


Once the summer comes to a close, Mallorca eases into a quieter, less heat-ridden time, quite ideal for a stay on the island. The month of October in Mallorca offers many possibilities to those visiting: from relaxing and enjoying its cultural heritage and history, enjoying freedom from long queues and overwhelming tourism, through to exploring nature and the thrill of marvelous adventures.

The weather in autumn: mild temperatures and potential showers

As one would expect during this season, the trees lose their leaves and the countryside returns to its green tones after the long dry summer. In Mallorca the autumn is a season defined by mild temperatures and more varied meteorological conditions. The sun shines most days but the skies can swiftly shift and let out showers, sometimes even unleashing downpour in torrential amounts.

Naturaleza durante octubre en Mallorca Photo by @juanjo_mallorca

Furthermore, the difference in temperatures from day to night time can be quite marked, meaning it is advisable to always have a jacket with you for the cold and/or a rain coat for the rain during October in Mallorca.

October in Mallorca: What to do in?

October in Mallorca (and the whole autumn) is perfect to enjoy a huge variety of plans and outdoor activities in Mallorca:

· Hiking & Birdwatching

The drop in temperatures allows for the enjoyment of pleasant hikes and outings around the island: the nature reserves in Mallorca become the perfect place for a walk and you will be able to spot a wide range of migratory and autochthonous birds during the month of October in Mallorca.

· Cycling

During October in Mallorca, the roads become the ideal setting once more, for training on your bicycle and enjoying some of the very best cycling stretches in the world.

· Adventure Travel in Mallorca

In autumn our visitors may also consider an adventure outing in Mallorca: from climbing the mountains of our Serra de Tramuntana to hill-walking down its laden riverbeds... Dare to try some canyoning!

· Relax

As it's not so crowded, October in Mallorca is the perfect time of the year to relax: explore the island during autumn, delve into its towns and relax yourself!

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·Culture & History

Get to know the history and cultural heritage of Mallorca with visits to La Seu, Castell de Bellver, Sa Llotja... And many others among Palma's monuments and the rest of the island!

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