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Eat in Mallorca: 7 light dishes you should enjoy

Eat in Mallorca: 7 light dishes you should enjoy


Everyone is familiar with Spanish cuisine: its ham, tapas and paella have made it famous around the world, besides counting itself among the healthiest diets in the world. Yet while typical Spanish dishes may be enjoyed in Mallorca, there are traditional foods you can only eat in Mallorca... What light dishes should you eat in Mallorca to enjoy its cuisine like a true Mallorcan?

7 light dishes you should eat in Mallorca:

Here we recommend to you a few typical light dishes you must eat in Mallorca: eat them as a starters, light dinner o for an authentic mallorcan buffet: Galletes d'oli: These little biscuits are perfect as a snack! Their simple recipe featuring flour, salt and olive oil makes them ideal for eating alongside sobrassada, cheese, sausage and cold meats, or for that matter, any other typical product from Mallorca.

Frito mallorquín: Our "frit de matançes" made with pork or lamb is a typical Mallorcan dish with lean meat, liver, slow-cooked onion and garlic, vegetables (red pepper, fennel...) and fried potatoes.

In many fisherman towns the traditional frit has been reinvented as "frit mariner": cooked on the same way but changing the meat by cuttle fish, octopus or fish. Mallorcan-style snails: Mallorca's traditional way of eating snails in a rich broth is an especially tasty one. Try it with aioli!

nails eat in mallorca

Tumbet: This dish is usually served as a garnish for meats or fish and is made up of aubergine, courgette and oven-baked sliced potatoes in a clay terrine or greixonera, and covered in tomato sauce. A vegan dish to truly savour, in Mallorca!

Pa amb oli: Simple and delicious. Some slices of authentic Mallorcan pa moreno with ramallet tomatoes rubbed in with salt and olive oil, all alongside our split olives trencades, goat's or mahón cheese and cold meats.

eat in Mallorca

Trampó: You'll need some bread to wipe up this fresh dish of fine-diced tomato, Italian pepper and onion. It is seasoned with salt and olive oil and is usually served with cheese or sausage: ¡a real must when in Mallorca during summertime!

trampo eat in mallorca

Coques: Our coca bakes are a typical dish at Mallorcan family celebrations, a salted pastry base covered with trampó, onion or roast peppers – sometimes made with meat, fish or traditional cold meats.

Now that you know what to eat in Mallorca... don't forget to pair all this typical Mallorcan food with one of the island's many wines!

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