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Mallorcan look: your outfit in the island

Mallorcan look: your outfit in the island


The endless amount of things we still have to learn from our grandparents! The recipe for perfect croquettes, how to choose a good watermelon, the secret to a happy marriage... There are many lessons to be learned from our elder and one of them is how we should dress to avoid suffocating in Mallorca's summer heat: the traditional clothing and accessories of the Mediterranean are perfectly suited to the climate and lifestyle. Besides also being a style that never goes out of fashion and that comes back every summer!

5 pieces of clothing for dressing like a true Mallorcan:

  • Capell: You can opt for the traditional one from Mallorca or for hats from other places in the world, such as habanero hats, or even baseball caps but the important part is that you protect your head from the solar radiation.
  • Baggy cotton shirt: Let yourself be inspired by Ibiza's Aldib fashion or by the traditional Mallorcan style roba de llengos, and above all try to always wear wide, airy cotton clothing that breathes well and thereby protects you from the hot temperatures.
  • Aubarques or sabates de espart: Although the aubarques shoe is from Menorca, a real Mallorquín person will wear them as if they were from his own island, since, just like the sabates d'espart they're cool, protect your foot in summer and are very comfortable.


  • Swimsuit/bikini always near and handy: If one thing is really essential when you're in Mallorca, it's to always have your bathing suit available to you can enjoy a splash or a dive into mallorcan waters whenever you feel like one.
  • Senalla: It's the perfect accessory for carrying everything you need! They come in larger and in smaller sizes, with a zipper or without, with long or short handles... And the best of all is, they're perfect for both men and women.

If you heed this advice when getting dressed, you'll not only be cooler and deal with the heat better in the Mallorcan summertime, but you'll also be wearing a 100% Mediterranean and authentic Mallorcan style that will allow you to practically camouflage with the locals.

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