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La Patrona: summer festivities in Pollença old town

La Patrona: summer festivities in Pollença old town


Today, Friday 13 July, the summer officially begins in Pollença. Today we have "les votacions", to choose the main characters of the Moors and Christians battle of La Patrona de Pollença! For this festivity everyone gathers in the Joan March gardens to democratically elect the locals that will represent Joan Mas, Dragut and his henchmen, and the old Pollença Town Hall during the epic battle.

Candidaturas a cargos en el simulacro de Moros y cristianos de La PAtrona de Pollença

Afterwards everyone celebrates the result through the streets of Pollença, to the rhythm of 'les Cornetes': 'Les Votacions' are definitely a party that you don't want to miss Pollença!

Everything ready for La Patrona:

Once we know who will take the main characters (a real honour for pollensis) during the Moors and Cristians battle, there is no more important subject of conversation in Pollença than La Patrona festivities...

La Patrona: a week of festivities in Pollença old town

Even there are a lot of things to do during La Patrona in Pollença, here we explain the one's you can't miss!

·26th of July: Les Canonades

"Les Canonades" give the starting signal for the festivities with the raising of the Pollença flag over town hall and gunpowder, lots of gunpowder....

·27th of July: Bauxa als Jardins

Summer themed costume party in Joan March garden: an excuse to have a good time!

·31st of July: Marxa Fresca

The legendary white party: for one night the Pollença main square is painted white to transport everyone back to the 70's and 80's with the best music from those times.

·1st of August: L'Alborada

After a night of music in the Pollença main square, at 5 in the morning comes one of the most emotional moments of the Patron saint of Pollença celebrations: L' Alborada.

·2nd of August: Moors and Christians battle

First there's the traditional dance by the Cossiers i la Dama in the main square at 12:15.

Los cossiers durante las fiestas de La Patrona de Pollença.

Los cossiers durante las fiestas de La Patrona de Pollença.

The mock Moors and Christians battle begins with the famous cry of Joan Mas waking up the christians, and ends with a battle on the Ca'n Escarrintxo football field after touring the streets of the town.

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