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Tricks to "resist" climate in Pollensa


In the summer time, the climate in Pollensa is warm, sunny, dry and with little variation between day and night-time temperatures. The average temperature in summer is 20.6ºC but the highest reach 30 degrees, and occasionally these are exceeded during those fearsome heat waves. While the minimums don't drop below 14ºC. With 279 sunny days per year and 14 hours of sun each day in the summer, our climate in Pollensa is especially sunny: allowing us to appreciate the long days and do some tanning on the beach.

Tricks to "resist" climate in Pollença

Here we bring you 5 easy tricks to resist the warm, sunny and dry climate in Pollensa:

Climate in Pollensa Mallorca tricks warm

Maybe one of the best tricks to "resist" climate in Pollensa is to dive into Puerto Pollensa shore... 

1. Hydration, hydration, hydration:

Just as the mantra in real estate is "location, location, location" during the summer in Mallorca, it's all about hydration. Make sure to drink plenty of water, especially important for children and the elderly.

2. Use sun cream

One of the worst feelings in the world is having sunburn all over your body. You can ask a dermatologist or pharmacist to recommend the protection factor that is best for your own skin type, should you have any doubts.

3. Avoid the worst hours of sun

During the middle of the day (from around 11am to 3pm) are the hours with the greatest heat intensity and solar radiation: avoid being out in the sun so you don't get burned or get a bout of heat stroke. If you can't avoid it, remember point number 1.

4. "S'embat" a natural regulator of climate in Pollença

The sea breeze that blows in coastal areas is known in Mallorca as s'embat – it is the ideal temperature regulator: make the most of it and let it refresh you!

5. Local wisdom

Hand-held fans for when there's no wind blowing, pitchers and flasks to keep the drinks cool, staying “a l'ombra” (in the shade), wearing baggy cotton clothing in the aldib style, white-washed houses... The people of Mallorca have been dealing with the drought and hot Mediterranean climate for a long time and have adapted to it marvellously.

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