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5 priceless experiences you must do in Mallorca!

5 priceless experiences you must do in Mallorca!


Some things are free. Others are very expensive. And then there are the things of which the value can't be measured with money. They're priceless. For this reason we now bring you 5 things you should do during your holidays in Mallorca and which can't be appraised in €...

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” - Oscar Wilde

Being priceless does not mean something is free: it means it can't be measured monetarily. If you wan't to discover yo can do in Mallorca you must read: "5 things you should do in Mallorca for free".
  So here you have 5 priceless things you must do in Mallorca:

1. Spending a day in an unspoilt virgin cala (and having it all to yourself!)

Prepare a rucksack with water, food, some sand-spades, sun-cream, a book and anything else you'd like, tie up your shoes and head toward your nearest beach. This plan becomes invaluable if you choose a desolate and completely secluded beach on which you'll probably be alone enjoying the views and tranquillity.

calo priceless beach in pollença

"U caló" is an unspoilt beach in Pollença you can have it all to youself!

2. Get out of your comfort zone and live a priceless adventure!

Going on holidays is often in its very essence, to venture out of one's comfort zone. It means daring to enjoy new experiences. Getting to know new ways of living... and Mallorca is the ideal island for doing so. In Mallorca you can live a new adventure every day: an excursion, practicing extreme sports, meeting people, discovering unexplored places... If I don't do this on holidays, then when will I?

3. Dinner at the seaside!

Unless you decide to have a picnic on the beach this plan won't be free but we have already said that the important part here is the value and not the price... And you'll enjoy priceless views during your meal time! You can go to Deià and enjoy the famous restaurant Ca's Patró or if you're in Puerto de Pollença we recommend the views from Restaurant La Llonja...

4. Enjoy the Sunset! 100% priceless views

Some of the best places in Mallorca to enjoy the sunset include Sa Foradada (and Son Maroig) in Deià, the Formentor lighthouse and Sa Torre de ses Ànimes in Banyalbufar...

At Sa talaia d'Albercutx you can enjoy a priceless views... 

5. Fall in love

You can fall in love with Mallorca, with a Mallorcan, with a song, with a place or with rediscovery of yourself, whichever you feel like! The important (and priceless) part, is to feel the butterflies in your stomach during your holidays...

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