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7 tips you need to know to buy a house in Mallorca

7 tips you need to know to buy a house in Mallorca


There are many reasons to buy a house in Mallorca and we could spend days listing them: 300 sunny days a year, world-heritage nature reserves, endless dream-like beaches... But we'd prefer to give you some advice towards buying it without regrets:

7 tips you need to know to buy a house in Mallorca:

1 Choose the area well

"Location, location, location" the mantra of any estate agent also applies to you, "someone who is simply in search of a second house or new home in Mallorca". It's not the same thing, to buy a house in Magaluf as in Pollença, Palma is not the same as Ca'n Picafort. Find out about the regions of Mallorca you might like to live in and avoid problems and future disappointments.

2 Choose the right house

Depending on what the use you intend to make of you future home in Mallorca, you'll need it to include some minimum required features that will match your future needs: for example, if you want it for summer holidays we strongly recommend air conditioning and swimming pool.

3 Get all of the paperwork ready

Get informed on which documents and forms you'll need in carrying out a purchase and get them ready in order to avoid headaches. A cautious man is endlessly more reliable.

4 Look into the property's documents

Once you've chosen the area, the house and you have all of your papers ready for the acquisition you had better also find out whether the house will come with any sort of encumbrance, or if it has been affected by any recent change in legislation... Hereby avoiding any eventual surprises.

5 Figure out your budget and mortgage

Negotiate a price for the home and calculate how you're going to pay for it.

6 Think about your new life

What we have discussed up until now are factors you should bear in mind and factor in, in view of the what kind of life you wish to lead in your new Mallorca home: everything should be along the lines of the future you imagine for yourself. Don't forget this!

7 Don't miss a chance due to cold feet

It's fine to think and calculate a decision as serious as buying a home in Mallorca, but don't let doubt delay your dream of living on the island. Fortune favours the brave!

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