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Cyclists love Mallorca: here we explain you why

Cyclists love Mallorca: here we explain you why


Mallorca is the island for cyclists. For the past few years, the island has been the quintessential favourite destination for cyclists from northern Europe wishing to train on its roads: from amateur enthusiasts in search of a holiday in which they can practice their favourite sport to professional cycling teams looking to prepare for the upcoming season.

In this video Global Cycling Network syas Mallorca is the second best destination in the world for cyclists.

Reasons for which cyclists love Mallorca

The main reason that road cyclists love Mallorca is the climate: sun and beach tourists love the suffocating heat of the Mallorcan summer but the cyclists prefer the spring and autumn, seasons in which to enjoy the nice temperaturesneither too high nor too low- and a favourable overall climate with few showers and predominantly clear, sunny skies. But this good climate is not exclusive to Mallorca, in fact what excites cyclists the most is the island's road map: within the island's few square miles one finds a great number of routes and different circuits. It's possible (and indeed quite difficult) to combine the flat roads of the island's centre with the mountain passes to be found in the Sierra de Tamuntana mountain range and thus organize a daily getaway with different difficulties and completely different to that of the previous day. Coupled, besides all of this, with beautiful views of Mallorca.

cyclist in the serra tramuntana

Moreover, all this should be added to the fact that the island's government and hotel industry have gotten their act together in promoting the activity of cycling in Mallorca.

Some of Mallorca's best cycling routes

The most coveted road sections for cyclists are found in the Serra de Tramuntana: the natural setting and scenery and its passes of varying difficulty are the delight of road cycling enthusiasts. The most famous ones include Sa Calobra (Escorca) abd the road of Formentor (Puerto Pollença). Their popularity among cyclists is such, that the application Strava places it as the second most sought-after location in Spain, among lovers of cycling.
Sobremunt the most extreme route in Mallorca. Do you venture on it?
If you need more information about cycling in Mallorca click here.

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