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Come to live in Mallorca and became a mallorcan!

Come to live in Mallorca and became a mallorcan!


Convincing someone to visit Mallorca is one of the easiest jobs in the world... In fact are more than enough reasons to come to the island! Its capital is the best city in the world to live in, it's the sixth best island in the world and the second in Europe, the Tramuntana mountain-range was designated as a World Heritage nature reserve... And we could list endless other reasons. But we don't want to persuade you to visit Mallorca just for a weekend; we wish to win you over so that you'll become Mallorquín. Here you have a few reasons to "Mallorquinise":
"When I grow up I wnat to be a Mallorcan" the book where is explained how marvelous is being a mallorca citizen...
  • Being Mallorcan is being open:

Although tradition and character in Mallorca have been strongly marked by insularity, the truth is that nowadays the nature of its inhabitants is a very open one: since the 60's with the boom in tourism, Mallorcan society has been transformed. A good Mallorcan is happy and proud of his roots and invites anyone visiting the island to share in these...  
  • Right at home

If you're a foreigner en Mallorca you'll feel right at home and not just from the warm welcomes of the locals but also due to the amount off foreigners that live on the island. From the British (and other non-Europeans) who have abandoned their cold homes to the Andalusians and other main-landers who came over to work for a summer and stayed after falling in love with the island of Mallorca.  
  • You're never far from home...

You can become infatuated with the island. You can come and live here. You can come become Mallorca, but there will always be those 15 days each year when you miss the land where you grew up. Don't worry about that: Mallorca boasts the 3rd-largest airport in Spain and is among the best-connected locations in Europe.  
  • The Mediterranean Way of Life

The dream of any child is to be an astronaut and that of every adult is to be Mallorcan. And not just in order to enjoy the island 365 days a year, but due to the Mediterranean Way of Life: that relaxed spirit in daily life enjoying every moment and always comforted by a lovely climate.   So now you know: buy a home in Mallorca and ¡become Mallorcan!

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