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Autumn in Mallorca? Enjoy sports and nature!

Autumn in Mallorca? Enjoy sports and nature!


There are still a few weeks of proper warm weather left in Mallorca and with a little luck we'll be able to keep enjoying the high temperatures well into September. And while, as long as the heat lasts you'll probably only want to do the usual Mallorcan summer holiday stuff we'd like to recommend activities for future stays when you're visiting the island at summer's end and in the autumn:

Cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca is considered to be one of the best destinations for lovers of cycling and although there are those who also enjoy this in the high summer, we advise that you do so in the autumn (and spring), when the sun less intense and you'll be able to revel in the roads and landscapes of the island, much more comfortably.

If you need any advice about cycling in Mallorca click here.

Hill-walking in the Serra Tramuntana

Mallorca has a great number of trails to be followed on foot for discovering its incredible natural beauty. If you enjoy these in the autumn you'll not only escape the summer's suffocating heat but you'll also marvel at the much greener scenery, since the first autumn rains on the island help it recover from the long summer drought.

We recomend to you to ride the routes in the UNESCO World Heritage: Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

Enjoy ornithology & nature

The observation of birds is a very recommended activity in Mallorca as besides spotting the region's autochthonous species in autumn (and spring) the island and its natural spaces become a stop-off point for countless birds making their migration between northern Europe and Africa.

Get to know abou birdwatching in Pollença (in the north) here.

Canyoning (only in autumn)

Unfortunately there is no exact date as of which one can say the time has come to practice canyoning, as it depends on the autumn's rains. This activity consists of following the riverbeds down to the island's shore when these reach near their capacity, thereby enjoying nature, sport and some adrenalin.

We extremly recomend doing this extreme sport always with a professional guide.

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