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Alternative plans for a day of rain in Mallorca

Alternative plans for a day of rain in Mallorca


Although it's hard to believe, it also rains in Mallorca. This past Tuesday 17th of August, for the record, it rained in the North of the island, just a few drops that amounted not even to the category of gentle rainstorm but enough to spoil the plans of more than one visitor. Therefore, we bring you a selection of the best plans for those sporadic days of rain in Mallorca:

Make the most of the culture!

Palma de Mallorca is among the cities with the most art galleries and museums per capita, so you can take advantage of those rainy or cloudy days to go on cultural visits through what has been voted the world's best city to live in.

You can choose betwen Caixaforum, the Fundación Pilar y Joan Miró, the Fundación Barceló or the Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporaneo de Palma, "Es Baluard".

History under the rain

In the same way that Palma is full of museums and galleries, it is also filled with historical buildings and monuments: you can make use of these with a little travel through time and get to know the island's history on those grey days. We recommend to you La Seu, the arabic baths, Sa Llotja or the Palau de la Almudaina. Or getting out from Palma and enjoy the castlels and historical buildings in the countryside.

It doesn't rain underground...

You can dodge the rain by delving into the subterranean and exploring the fantastic caves of Mallorca. The most famous ones are the Cuevas del Drach and the Campanet caves, but there are others on the island.

Sheltered sights

The Aquarium of Palma is one of those attractions that are not only covered but that will also captivate the little ones of the family with its over 8,000 specimens in700 different species. And for those preferring adventure and the unexpected, there's Katmandu house, too. And if none of these plans tickles your fancy, remember you can make the most of the days when the weather isn't on your side, to enjoy some rural tourism. Besides, a day of rain in Mallorca is the equivalent of a sunny day in northern Europe!

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