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Estrella Damm's ad filmed in Mallorcan in 5 points

Estrella Damm's ad filmed in Mallorcan in 5 points


Now that the Estrella Damm brewery is about to release its second tv-ad filmed in Mallorca, we'd like to analyse their previous one in 5 main points.
In case you don't remember it, it was in the summer of 2012 and set in the Tramuntana mountain-range…
Estrella Damm's ad summer 2012 filmed in the Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca) with the song by LACROSSE - YOU CAN'T SAY NO FOREVER

Better in the company of others

A group of friends, 3 boys and 3 girls who are enjoying a carefree holiday in the island's mountain range. Estrella Damm joins in the celebrations to show that holidays are best enjoyed with friends while we also notice that they are again and again having dinner and parties with other people. Another point in favour of the slogan mediterráneamente, as there is nothing more characteristic of the region than its ease and openness with the rest of the world, even with your girlfriend's father.  

Living, “a la fresca”

Open-air barbecues, group dinners in the middle of the street, dominoes on a terrace... the Estrella Damm ad features almost no indoor settings and this is because when the Summer arrives, Mallorquins start living "a la fresca": they look for shade in the hottest hours of the day and enjoy the fresh air when the sun sets. The traditional kind of air-conditioning.  

Sea creatures

The main characters of the Estrella Damm advert spend more time in the water than anywhere else, since whenever they can, Mallorquins try to go to the beach once a day, at least! Only gorgeous inlets and beaches: nature's swimming pools.  

Free of obligation

When Estrella Damm says mediterráneamente it means a "care free" way, "stress-free", "no company phone"... And even though Mallorquins are very hard workers, when they're on holiday, the first thing they do is switch off, and enjoy...  

Always smiling

It's not always easy to enjoy a holiday like the one in the Estrella Damm ad but when you manage it, you can be sure that you'll be always smiling, having a laugh... And that's just it: enjoying the summer, mediterráneamente.  

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