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Take an #AlwaysOn holidays in Mallorca!

Take an #AlwaysOn holidays in Mallorca!


Suggestions we make for you to enjoy a high-octane holiday, leaving you more tired when you get home, than you were when you arrived on the island.

A new beach every day

No matter how beautiful the nearest beach is, forget about going sunbathing to the same beach twice: Mallorca has hundreds of must-visit beaches and inlets just waiting for you! Rent a car, buy a map and go on a different outing every day. holidays in mallorca beach

Get lost in Mallorca

Were you hoping for an endless dune-framed beach but somehow ended up in a small crystal-clear cala inlet? No worries. As the saying goes, it's not the end destination but the path that matters: being lost is often the way to discover that place or village that will surprise you.  

Enjoy the sea

Paddle surfing, snorkelling, fishing... The range of choice relating to the sea in Mallorca is endless: contact one of the many businesses devoted to organising outings and activities at the sea-side and enjoy the surf as you never had before.

scuba mallorca holidays

Experience extreme adventure

Besides more extreme sea-side sports, such as kite-surfing or wake-boarding, in Mallorca you can also enjoy canyoning or psychoblock: ideal for climbing and nature enthusiasts.

12965116_863342497127754_1136209860_n *These extreme sports are always best enjoyed under the supervision of a professional.

Enjoy the breeze in your face

Is there anything better than a car outing? Yes there is, a motorbike outing. Rent a scooter and enjoy the air in your face!

Go out at night

In moderation of course, since you have to get up tomorrow... but come on, you're on holiday!

party in Mallorca vaacations

Switch off and enjoy the little things

Put your smartphone on flight mode and use it just for taking pictures: you're in Mallorca to get away from it and enjoy the things that matter; a bicycle tour, a sea-side sunset, a walk in the countryside...   If you acomplish all the point in this list -and also fall in love- your summer holidays will be like an advertisement summer:

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