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Mallorca: an island of cinema

Mallorca: an island of cinema


Mallorca has a lot of incredible hidden spots, some of which are “like something out of a film”. That is not surprising as an endless number of films have been shot on the island. Some were shot entirely here, and others only had certain scenes filmed in locations on the island. In 1913, Films Arte de Roma filmed the first fiction film on the island, "The Mysterious Ring" and ever since Mallorca has been a setting chosen for both national and foreign productions.

The History of Cinema in Mallorca

The first local film shot in Mallorca was “El secreto de la Pedriza” (The Secret of the Crag) produced by Balear Film in 1926. It is about the smuggling that took place in Mallorca during that era.

In 1949, following the hiatus caused by the Spanish Civil War, the first Hispano-American production was filmed on the island: “Black Jack” starring George Sanders. Consequently, a large number of foreign actors visited the island, such as Gina Lollobrigida and Sean Connery when they filmed “Woman of Straw” (1963); or Anthony Quinn, Michael Caine, Anna Karina and Candice Bergen when they filmed Guy Green's “The Magus” (1968).

Mallorca has also been the setting for Spanish films, such as in 1963 when it was used for José Luís Berlanga's masterpiece “El verdugo” (The Executioner). Another movie filmed in Mallorca during that era was Jaime Camino's “Un vierno en Mallorca” (A Winter in Mallorca) about the friendship between Georg Sand and Chopin in the Serra de Tramuntana.

Tom Hanks in Serra de Tramuntana while he was filming "The Cloud Atlas" in Mallorca. Image from

Films shot recently

Listing all of the films shot in Mallorca over the last few years is a daunting task: between small local productions, Spanish and foreign films, and Hollywood mega-productions, the list is almost endless.

As always, the most well-known movies shot in Mallorca are the ones produced by the mecca of cinema or those that have big actors in the cast. Examples are the European film “A Long Way Down” with Pierce Brosnan and “Cloud Atlas” produced by the Wachowski brothers with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

So, if you are out walking in Mallorca and find a dreamlike cove as you turn a bend in the path and think, “this is like something from a film”, just remember, it could well be.

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