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Notary: How he can help me buying a house?

Notary: How he can help me buying a house?


Notaries are one of the figures that we have to avail of when deciding to purchase (or sell) a house. Notaries are the people that “attest” to the signature on your papers that are needed to purchase your future home. They are crucial figures whose involvement in the buying and selling process is obligatory, however, fortunately they are regulated by law: their fees depend on tariffs that are set according to the value of the house.  

Purchasing a house

The notary's main role is to attest that the parties have signed the public deeds that the notary is responsible for drafting. However they also carry out other steps such as: -Legal check on the property -Verification of the ownership of the house and checking if the seller can sell it legally -They find out what charges apply to the property. Furthermore, the notary is “your friend” their obligation is to attest to the steps that are carried out but also to ensure that at all times the parties understand what is being carried out. Do not be afraid during meetings with the notary: ask questions and interrupt the reading of deeds in order to understand what is being agreed to, the notary will provide answers.  

Signing for a mortgage

Notaries are also involved in signing for mortgages, they must ensure that the contracting party (the party receiving the loan) is aware of the finer details of credit: the notary must provide the contracting party with impartial information in clear language and offer guidance on legal and tax matters that affect them at that time.  

Price of the notary

In addition to the signature for the deeds on a house and for obtaining a mortgage notaries can also offer us their services when it comes to paying taxes relating to buying and selling such as the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) or stamp tax (AJD). Fortunately, notaries are a mixture between civil servants and independent professionals in the legal sector therefore their fees are governed by law. Consequently, their fees cannot be very different from one notary to the next, however they do vary according to the value of the house that you buy or the mortgage you apply for:

Gastos del notario según el valor de la vivienda e hipoteca. Notary

Prices of the notary according the price of the house or mortage. Foto by

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