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The British love Spain and Mallorca

The British love Spain and Mallorca


Everyone knows about the love story between the British and Spain. It is an open secret. The aim is not to hide it: love should not be hidden. One of the places where this love is felt the deepest is in Mallorca. The British have enjoyed a love affair with the sunniest areas on the Spanish coast in general, and Mallorca in particular, ever since they first came here: year after year the number of visitors coming from the United Kingdom has continued to grow.  

How to seal this love?

With love, it is fine to have a few years of courtship, but in the end the time comes to make it “official” and talk about marriage. The same thing happens with foreigners that visit Spain, after some years of spending summer in Spain, the time comes when they want to buy a second property on the Spanish coast. And the British lead the way when it comes to making their love for Spain “official”: they represent 20% of the foreigners that purchase a property in Spain. Some property agencies even point out that in 2015 sales to residents from the United Kingdom rose by 53%. Although the Balearic Islands rank 4th among Autonomous Communities where the most houses are sold to foreigners, it is also true that they are smallest community of the top five.  

Beyond love at first sight with the sun

You have to admit it, the love story between the British and Spain is a matter of love at first sight. It is that instant feeling every British person gets when they step off the plane and the warm air, sun and high temperatures come into contact with their skin that they yearn to tan. However, love at first sight is not enough, there must be something more that helps to explain this love story. The delicious gastronomy, cheerful character of the locals, rich history and an endless number of other factors have led British people to fall deeply in love with the Spanish coast. And Mallorca far exceeds the requirements needed to capture the hearts of the British. So, if you are a British person reading this, hesitate no more and come to Mallorca to show your love for Spain by purchasing a house.

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